Saturday, July 29, 2017

making a myth


Over the course of a few days a made some documentation videos of myself painting in my studio. Over this time I was working on several projects, but the videos focus on two works that utilize a limited palette, specifically red/cyan.

From a technical standpoint the videos were created in a cinema verite form. Through post production however, the video has been processed, re-interpreted and re-contextualized. Additionally, the audio which was recorded during the video, which were two CD's by Cody Chestnutt and the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, has also been processed as to present an original score for the video.

Through layering, overlapping, fluctuating opacities and blending mode filters, the video plays with ideas about aspect ratio with filters, screens and multiple perspectives achieved through multiple exposures and the use of a found, up-cycled computer monitor.

Conceptually the video works with the idea of mythology from the objecthood of the monitor or screen. And, this idea is parsed out by considering the nature of said digital screen through the use of traditional media and the monitors capacity to function as a conduit of mythological potential. Further, while the monitor no longer functions as a screen the video documents the transformation.

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